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“I use and recommend a Manta brush on all my patients”
Mark Blake
Harley Street Trichologist

The Manta. A revolutionary new hairbrush with its flexible technology is here to protect, control and style.

Patented FLEXGUARD™ technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360 motion to gently free knots & minimize breakage.

Created from a soft-touch material, ensuring no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft.

The Manta brush has been designed to work with all hairdryers for easy control when styling.

Removing the static electricity from the hairbrush keeps your hair soft and smooth.

The MANTA glides responsively through your hair for minimum breakage & maximum shine. It’s the first brush to mold to the shape of your hand & scalp creating less tension on each strand, while massaging the scalp promoting healthy hair growth. The MANTA is essential for anyone who wants healthy, shiny full hair but also for anyone who struggles with hair loss, breakage, thinning, split ends, fineness or extensions wearers.

7 reviews for The Manta

  1. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Love this brush – so much so that I bought a second!

    As the headline suggests, I’m a big fan of this brush. I have very thick, course, long hair and I find this brush glides through my hair so easily. It removes tangles, helps distribute product evenly and has really smartened up my style. It’s not just the practical side but it also looks great and I love the way it moulds to your hand, it’s like you’re stroking your hair and brushing it simultaneously. It’s this moulding to your hand which means I’ve found it doesn’t cause breakage like other hairbrushes. I was finding my hair was weak and breaking before this and I’ve seen a big improvement. It’s also gentle enough to use when my hair is wet and I’ve found it good when blow drying too, helping to speed it up. I’ve even found I can I use it on my little nephew (1yr old) who has tight curly hair – it’s the only brush he’ll let near him.

  2. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Simple & Effective

    Such a great product – I was losing a lot of hair every time I brushed with a paddle brush or tangle teezer but with the manta brush I have noticed significantly less pulling and less hair coming out. It’s also fantastic to use on my daugher’s curly hair – helps clear the knots but doesn’t damage the curl, so no frizz. Really can’t recommend this enough.

  3. Jake Ahmad (verified owner)

    If you have a kid that doesn’t like hair brushing, then this is the brush for you! Our daughter loves brushing her hair with this brush and she has very curly thick hair.
    This brush was for her, but now I use it for me too because it is the best brush.

  4. Sophie Gorman (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to win a Manta hairbrush. It is soft and flexible which makes it very comfortable to use. I love how it easily detangles while being gentle to my hair and scalp. I haven’t touched any of my other brushes since I received this one. The only problem I have is that everyone else in my house keeps trying to use it.

  5. Tiffany Reeder (verified owner)

    I was lucky enough to win a Manta hairbrush. The Manta hair brush is first off has a beautiful unique look and works amazing with thin, fine hair that knots up easily and I’m able to comb through wet hair no problem! Which helps a lot being a hair and makeup artist I come across a lot of different types of hair and so far this brush works for all I also have received a lot of complimented & asked where I got it

  6. Goodghoust (verified owner)

    I have fine curly hair breaks easily this is second brush ever where I haven’t had any hairs on the bruch after using it wow I love it it is also very pleasant to use on the scalp If i could i would brush my hair and massage my scalp constantly 🙂 the concept of flexibility it is a bit strange but you can get used to it it incredibly light 🙂 I just love it:-) every thing about it finally I am not scared to brush my hairs:-)

  7. caroline (verified owner)

    I started using Manta and I honestly have no words to describe how much I love it.

    I used to take around 8 minutes every time I brush my hair after shower and now with Manta besides the great benefit of not breaking it but now I take less than 60 seconds to detangle my hair!

    Such a good grip on your hands, so light-weighted and also so easy to take out the few remaining hair out of the brush… totally in love with it.

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